Wish List

All-purpose cleaners
Atibacterial liquid soap
Aquariums [10-gallon]
Astroturf doormats or rolls
Baby receiving/swaddle blankets
Bathroom scale [digital]
Brooms and dust pans
Bottle brush
Butterfly nets
Canned dog food-no gravy
Canned cat food-no gravy
Cat toys
Cloth diapers
Color Paper
Dishwashing gloves
Dog bones Hollow (by Red Barn)
Dog toys
Dry-erase markers
Extension cords
Hay [alfalfa] and straw
Heating pads [with no auto shut-off]
Hose nozzles
Humane live animal traps
Infant blankets
Ink cartridges-Brother LC75M LC75C LC75Y LC75BK
Kitchen utensils [knives, spoons, forks]
Kitchen-size trash bags
Kritter Keepers- all sizes
Large food storage containers on wheels
Latex gloves [disposable] and dishwashing gloves
Mops/mop heads
Nuts in a shell ( Walnut, Pecans, Hazelnuts, Almonds )
Paper for copier [including colored paper]
Paper bags [grocery]
Paper towels
Pet food bowls [ceramic, all sizes]
Plastic cable ties [zip cords]
Puppy training pads
Reptarium- any sizes
Rubbermaid plastic tubs
Safety glasses
Scissors and kitchen shears
Scrub brushes
Sharpie markers
Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad
Staple guns
Tape [Scotch/masking/duct]
Tissues [no lotion]
Toilet paper
Tools [hand saws, hammers, nail guns]
Trash bags [13-gallon, 39-gallon, 55-gallon sizes]
Tuna/sardines [in water]
Welding Gloves ~ sm, med, lg
Wooden bird toys
Work gloves
Ziploc bags
ZooMed Reptile Basking Spot Lamps

When in doubt, gift certificates to Giant, Wal-mart, and PetSmart, That Fish/Pet Place, Office Max, Weis work well — and we can pick up what we need at that moment in time!